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Combs Football Booster Meeting notes 8-2-16

Call to Order:  6:26 PM

Attendees: Chris Shaw, Jennifer Loggins, James Loggins,  Jimmecka Henry, Jim Hargrave, Clara Bushell


Jimmecka said that we have close to $15k in the account(we still need to pay card guy for cards)

President’s Address


Chris will e-mail and see if there is date as to when they need the other ½ of the jersey payment

Jimmecka will follow-up with Chevaun and see if the jersey money was pulled from our card already

Golf Tournament

Golf Tourney signups and sponsorship opportunities are up and running on the website and people can start signing up now. Clara has a flyer that can be passed out( we approved her getting 50 copies).  Firehouse subs sponsored the golf tourney. Chris is also wtng for Travis to send his funds for title sponsor

Clara will get with Travis to draw up Ins. Policy for the car that we will have at golf tourney

We are still in need of players and sponsors

Jimmecka will also contact Chevaun to get the paypal money moved over to our football account

Team Pics and BBQ

We have team pictures for all 3 levels on Friday 8/19 at 3pm. We will have a 2016 Season Kickoff BBQ with all the players, cheer and Administration.


Helmet decals are ordered and received

Chris motioned to get Yard Signs approved. mock-up is approved.James motioned to approve, Clara 2nd

Clara wants to set-up a scholarship to help kids pay for camp( we will discuss at future meetings)

We need a high powered camera or someone with a high powered camera to take senior pics for Senior Night Banners( Jennifer will tlk to Stacy about doing this)

Moon Valley Nursery is donating $1k to schools, website is out there and asking people to vote for Combs

Adjourn: 7:12pm( Chris Motion, James 2nd)

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